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the chaos of souls series

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They are the E’ine. The fallen Aesari. They who defied the edict of Heaven. The elder race. The time of their end has come. But not all of them are content to accept their fate.


An ancient war is coming to a close, and the E’ine face the extinction of their kind. When desperate calls to surrender signal the breaking resolve of his people, Malachite seeks the fabled land of Raqui. It exists only as shards of mythology, relegated to mad ravings in obscure texts. But he believes this is the safe haven his people need.


Armed with the perfect mathematical equation and an unstoppable team, he must open a gateway to a new world. But first, they must survive the fall of their homeland and destroy the Lo’ademn, the demons that pursue them, to align the two realms and open the Gates of Golorath.


And the question becomes… did they flee the monsters that hunted them only to live amongst darker creatures?

Requiem's Reach Book Cover
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the prequel

The Prophecy spoke of the savior, a True Soul, who would align the realms and lead their people home. No one expected there to be more than one.

Arielle is a princess of a military society and she is tired of her prescribed life. She searches for a way to stand on her own. Unfortunately, her first act is to humiliate herself in front of a field of soldiers, making it hard to gain their respect.

Angus is a Magi apprentice who strives to uphold the ancient ways in a world that finds them archaic and irrelevant. If only he wasn’t an arrogant ass. His mischievous behavior prevents others from hearing his wisdom.

The rest of the world has its own position on who and what they both should be, and it does not involve them being together. Arielle and Angus’ desires are not what is expected, what is accepted, and what custom allows. But nothing will keep them apart, and their defiance is contagious.

When their powers as the True Souls manifest, it reveals a secret connection from their past. Some see them as a divine gift and will follow them without question, even into rebellion against every rule and tradition. Others claim they are evidence of a grand conspiracy and begin their own plays for dominance.

But will Angus and Arielle’s power be enough to fulfill the prophecy? Or is the prophecy just beginning to divulge its true meaning?

The Gates of Golorath is the first installment in the Chaos of Souls series, an epic fantasy laced throughout with humor and intense fight scenes, in the vein of Sanderson and Rothfuss. If you enjoyed those fantasy authors, you’ll love The Gates of Golorath.


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The Gates of Golorath Book Cover
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book one

best selling fantasy

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A right of passage reveals a darkness that has infiltrated the higher ranks of the Areth'kon. Meanwhile... a murderer is hunting down in the Roots. 

Logan Fel’Mekrin and his cohort must survive three days in the Sur in order to join the elite warriors of their kind, the fabled Elc’atar Guard. He uncovers a chilling truth and if he lives to tell the tale, will anyone even believe him? Or will they believe his hysteria is just a symptom of a clairvoyant overload? 


Back in Reven Marthal... Ti'vol wakes up in the Roots and there is no way out. She's not sure if this is a test or if she's the next victim. 

The path between prophecy and free will is narrow and full of thorns.

Arielle and Angus walk the forbidden roads that lead to secrets hidden for millennia. Finding the truth is difficult, but surviving long enough to reveal them is harder still. 

Wynds of Prophecy Book Cover
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book two

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With the threat of the prophecy looming, the Soul Chamber is activated and in search of blood.


Many have gone missing, including the True Souls. Some blame the inclusive E’ine for they remember when such forbidden things were created. As the parents to the Lethen’al they were supposed to be protectors but now they manipulate form the shadows.


Meanwhile, the Immortals test for Yearling during the Feast of Night, where they must go outside the Gates for the first time. An unexpected encounter of the monstrous kind awaits them.


After their return, a terrible trap is sprung and the Immortals must choose between saving the many or protecting those close to them.


The prophecy foretold long ago plays out in a magical storm of chaos and blood. Can our squad of heroes deactivate the Soul Chamber in time to save one of their own?

book three

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Initiating Angels Book Cover


short story

When pledging for a mentor might mean you forfeit your life. 


This is a short story about some legendary pain-in-the-asses called, The Immortals.

They’ve declared their intent to become Yearlings, apprentices to the Elc’atar Blade Masters, now they just need to survive the hazing …

Egos and faces will be smashed, but will it be those of the Immortals or the Elc’atar?


  • Epic Fight Scenes

  • Snarky Dialogue and Humor 

  • Strong Bonds of Friendship

  • Underdogs Take the Day

  • Magical Combat


Initiating Angels is a fantasy set in a larger world of deep mythology and complex magical systems. This snippet showcases the relationships between the characters and their aspirations. 

Fans of epic, high and humorous fantasy will enjoy this fun short.

Continue the adventure with the full Chaos of Souls Series!

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best selling fantasy

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